2012 Nominees

Soon it will be time to NOMINATE YOURSELF AND/OR OTHERS in 53 Categories of People, Places, Products, Media & Eco-Raw. Click Here to Nominate YOURSELF or your favorite People, Places, Products, Media & Eco-Raw Initiatives.

PEOPLE Raw Educator 5+
PEOPLE Gourmet Chef 5+
PEOPLE Simple Raw Chef 5+
PEOPLE Raw Coach 5+
PEOPLE Raw Educator 5-
PEOPLE Gourmet Chef 5-
PEOPLE Simple Raw Chef 5-
PEOPLE Raw Coach 5-
PEOPLE Sexiest Raw Man
PEOPLE Sexiest Raw Woman
PEOPLE Funniest Raw Man
PEOPLE Funniest Raw Woman
PEOPLE Raw Female Athlete
PEOPLE Raw Male Athlete
PEOPLE Raw Friendly Musical Act
MEDIA Book 2012 Release
MEDIA Film 2012
MEDIA Community Site
MEDIA Online TV Show / VLog
MEDIA Radio Show
MEDIA Favorite Recipe Video
MEDIA Favorite Raw Food Song
PLACES Restaurant
PLACES Raw Friendly Event
PLACES Full Raw Vegan / Beegan Event
PLACES Vegan/ Beegan Raw Friendly Retreat Center
PLACES Full Raw Veegan / Beegan Retreat Center
PLACES Online Store
PLACES Raw Section In Grocery Store
PRODUCTS Beverage In Stores (not Kombucha)
PRODUCTS Chocolate Bar / Truffle
PRODUCTS Dessert In Grocery Store (Refrigerated)
PRODUCTS Dessert In A Restaurant
PRODUCTS Entree In Grocery Store (Refrigerated)
PRODUCTS Entree In A Restaurant
PRODUCTS Green Powder
PRODUCTS Protein Powder (Not Green)
PRODUCTS Liquid Supplement
PRODUCTS Smoothie Mix
PRODUCTS Protein Powder
PRODUCTS Green Protein Powder
PRODUCTS Sweet Snack
PRODUCTS Salty Snack
PRODUCTS Supplement
ECO RAW Company
ECO RAW Educator
ECO RAW Product
ECO RAW Restaurant