Best of Raw 2012 Awards Info

The 2012 Best of Raw Awards has gotten a facelift! Click here to read about what’s new in 2012!

Have fun with this! This online event is designed to be fun, engaging and helpful in spreading the good word about raw foods, health & sustainability.

If you find you need help in the process, their is a FEEDBACK FORM along the left side of the website; a FAQ page in the main menu bar; and a Customer Support Center where you can ask questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we are able.

October 1 ~ November 15, 2012
In a nutshell, you have two choices in this first phase of the annual awards event.
1) You can Nominate Others whom you would like to vote for, or whom you feel deserve the award in their category.
2) You can Enter The Contest with your own profile, products, services, places, media and eco-initiatives.

Everyone who is NOMINATED will be invited to ENTER the contest. In order to nominate someone or some thing, we’ll need to receive a valid email address so that we can contact the person who would enter. If you don’t have it, you can contact them via facebook or their website to discover it, or, you can simply invite them personally via facebook, their website contact form or other means you have of contacting them, to enter the contest directly so that you may vote for them when the time comes.

When you ENTER, you can upload a video (recommended), a couple of images, a description of your category entry, your web link and in some cases, more information about your entry. We highly recommend creating a video that tells your fans and Best of Raw participants all about your rawsome endeavor, so that they can get to know you. Remember ~ the prime purpose in Best of Raw is to activate more people into a lifestyle that includes more raw plant foods in the diet. In this way, humanity will become healthier and we’ll reduce our ecological footprint. So go ahead and leverage this opportunity to express yourself.

November 24, 2012 ~ January 31, 2013
Time to vote! Select your favorites among any or all of the 55 Categories in this year’s event. You will create a login on our voting platform in order to be able to vote, and you can log back in to vote in different categories. We have 5 Portals for the 55 Categories:

How To Enter
How To Nominate Others
How To Vote