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We are the harvesters of certified organic E3Live® Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short) blue green algae, a nutritious aquabotanical superfood that is wild-grown in Klamath Lake, Oregon. E3Live® is the ONLY fresh-frozen liquid AFA on the market, it is the most beneficial form of AFA for your body.

We are the harvesters of certified organic E3Live® Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short) blue green algae, a nutritious aquabotanical superfood that is wild-grown in Klamath Lake, Oregon. E3Live® is the ONLY fresh-frozen liquid AFA on the market, it is the most beneficial form of AFA for your body.

E3Live is an organic & wild-grown aquabotanical with 65+ vitamins, minerals, amino acids, EFAs & is a rich source of chlorophyll.

Our Mission: 
We, the harvesters of E3Live® Aphanizomenon flos-aquae from Klamath Lake, see ourselves as stewards of the earth, humble caretakers of the precious gifts of God and Mother Nature. We believe a major reason why people don\’t feel as happy as they can has LESS to do with what may or may not be happening \”on the outside,\” and MORE to do with what is happening \”on the inside\” — at the cellular level.

We believe the quality of the food we eat profoundly affects the flux of our moods and emotions, our ability to concentrate, our physical appearance, our endurance and strength, even our spiritual receptivity.

Our mission is to educate and share with as many people as possible the benefits of E3Live® AFA nutritional algae, which we believe nourishes and detoxifies the body more than any other food.
PowerPlant Whole Foods Inc.

PowerPlant produces clean, plant-based raw food products, conveniently packaged to add a tasty, healthy boost to your busy day.

Ingredients are thoughtfully and carefully blended, with a focus on sustainable production processes, so nothing is wasted.

PowerPlant Whole Foods Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of raw, organic, vegan and gluten free food products. Although the company opened as Fresh Fields Whole Food in 2010, the company rebranded with its current name in 2012. PowerPlant Whole Foods was created with three foundation products: PowerPlant Raw Plant Food Bar Veggie, PowerPlant Raw Plant Food Bar Fruit and the PowerPlant Frozen Veggie Shots.

As a Canadian, family‐owned and operated company based in British Columbia, PowerPlant Whole Foods is on the cusp of pushing boundaries and exceeding their own expectations. The facility headquarters is BC Kosher certified and is in line to become the best Canadian facility to produce great tasting, innovative raw, organic, vegan and gluten free products. The company is owned and operated by Martin McDermott along with his family and employees.To date, the company has secured key market and regional clients such as Save‐On‐Foods and Choices.
In addition, Whole Foods Market plans to place PowerPlant bars on Canadian store shelves in 2013.

Martin McDermott is the President of PowerPlant Whole Foods Inc. A prominent entrepreneur in Kelowna British Colombia, he grew and developed Sun Valley Windows Cleaners Inc. for more than 20 years making it the most successful window cleaning company in the Okanagan. In 2012, Martin sold Sun Valley Windows Cleaners to focus full‐time on building PowerPlant Whole Foods.

Previously, Martin was a professional chef and part owner of a pizza franchise in Calgary before he moved to Kelowna. Food and the creation of quality great tasting products is his passion. Now, he is able to incorporate his previous skills from the professional kitchen to create innovative products that are raw, organic, vegan and gluten free.

Martin’s business experience allows him to lead a company into positive growth. He has a natural business sense, which is paired with the passion of food to help lead the creation of innovative great tasting products.

The mission of PowerPlant Whole Foods is to create the best quality raw, organic, vegan and gluten free products in Canada.

The vision of PowerPlant Whole Foods is to become the leading Canadian manufacture with unique products that are raw, organic, vegan and gluten free by producing innovative, great tasting products in Canada with a commitment to sustainable business practices and using ethically‐sourced ingredients.
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Raw Food Lifestyle
Raw Food Lifestyle

The First & only Raw Food Lifestyle community created since launch of Google communities last night. One Central place for all who love Raw foods go for support & community. Have a beautiful day and look forward to connecting on the boards. This page will be consistently updated, live hangouts, and fun events

Welcome to Raw Food Lifestyle group where people from all states of journey will find inspiring content, support, & like-minded souls on same path. Everyone from beginners 50 % Raw Fruits & vegetables in their diet to Fully Raw like myself. I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you. Thank you for gift of your listening which is greatest gift you can give another human being. I look forward to hearing your shares.

I listed this under media but what I’m out to create is truly what Google Plus Community was created. A world wide community of people educating each other on Raw Food Lifestyle with Q&A for beginners, Raw Foods Recipes, Raw Food Meetings, Events Calendar, and even category called Raw Food NYC Living. At start of journey I couldn’t find one consistently central place to engage with fellow Raw foodists on this level. So instead of complaining I went out & created a home for us last night. Below is link or just do a search under Google community by typing in Raw Food Lifestyle



Raw food has endless health benefits, which you will notice as soon as you integrate more raw foods into your life.

My aim is to show you delicious recipes which happen to be raw and healthy as a side effect, and easy ways to live a vibrant, happy life.

rohtopia /ro: to pija/ consists of two parts:

ROH: Raw Organic Health.
Or Real Orgasmic Happiness.
Just as you like

TOPIA: comes from Utopia, which is an ideal image, of a world that is yet to be created – so let’s go! is a bilingual website in English and German and it offers:

Free Recipes
Information about the ingredients
Rohtopia Recipe Books
Posts on raw lifestyle, natural beauty, hygiene and wellbeing
.. and more – this site is growing constantly!
Zorbas Raw Chocolates
Zorbas Raw Chocolates

All of our chocolates are Gluten, Soy, Dairy and Tree-Nut FREE :) We use the finest in organic, local, raw, and sustainable ingredients along with recycled eco-friendly packaging. Creating an organinc raw chocolate that is rich in flavor, long on the palate, meditative for the mind and therapeutic for the body.

Zorba\’s Chocolates are Raw, Dark, and Divine(ly) created in Ashland, Oregon. We make hand-crafted Raw Dark Chocolate Superfood Truffles, Bars, and sea salt “Karamels.\” Our commitment is to living consciously while supporting our community with the most nutritious and delicious superfood raw chocolates. My name is Todd Bjornson, and I am the chocolatier. Alongside me is my wife Rebecca … the best quality control chocolate taster that I have ever met!!! And the most supportive friend, too!
Zorba is a name that has great meaning to us. \”Zorba the Buddha\” is a Dionysian figure that both fully embodies the wisdom of the sage and is fully present in the dance of life. This is in perfect alignment with our commitment to injoy life to the fullest while living simply and consciously. We were first introduced to raw chocolate while living in Sedona, Arizona. I quickly started to make raw chocolate at home. As the experimenting and passion for this new found love of chocolate grew, I found myself giving it as gifts to friends, family, and massage clients. We moved to Ashland, Oregon with the intention of creating a raw chocolate business that would support our community. In 2008 Zorba\’s Raw Chocolates was born. The chocolate and I meet together in an alchemical dance to create pure bliss for the taste buds. Creating a chocolate that is rich in flavor, long on the palate, meditative for the mind and therapeutic for the body. My intention is to share High Vibration – Light Infused – Mantra Blessed … Raw ~ Dark ~ Divine Superfood Chocolates!!!
with Gratitude and Many Blessings Zorba