New This Year

NEW IN 2013!

New Voting Platform
This year we have a brand new voting system, making everything much more simple and easy to use for everyone! The new design and layout has been created with the intention of being extra user friendly and providing a much more streamlined user experience than ever before!

Updated Contest Rules
• Contestants may not enter into a category they won in the previous year. If you WON in a category in 2012/13, then you must wait until 2014/15 to enter into that particular category again. You cannot win in the same category two years in a row.
• PEOPLE CATEGORY ONLY: You can enter yourself, your company, initiative, etcetera in up to TWO sub-categories.
• ALL OTHER CATEGORIES: There is no limit on how many sub-categories you may enter into.
• If you would like to enter more than one sub-category, you may do so by creating a new entry for each sub-category. (Remember: In the “people” category, please only enter yourself into two subcategories. In all other categories, there is no limit to number of entries.)
• ALL contestants must COMPLETE this form for each sub-category that they wish to participate in. You may save your draft, but in order to have your entry go live, you must submit a completed entry before Friday, October 5th at midnight.

Raw Living Expo

The Rawntrepreneurs Business and Marketing Conference with Chris Whitcoe at the helm will rev up your marketing and business savvy so you can achieve the greatest success in your raw foods and/or conscious high vibe business. This year the Raw Living Expo is taking place in Thousand Oaks California, just north of Los Angeles. It will be held at the West Lake Hyatt, and will hold double the capacity of last year’s event! We have an AMAZING new lineup this year so be sure to come out and rawk it with us!

Updated Nominations Procedure
People may “nominate” their favorites in each of 66 categories.  Individuals and companies may also “enter the contest” directly. Nomination from the public is not required to enter the contest. Once entered, our Advisory Board will ensure that entrants are qualified and in the correct category. You also have the option to invite another person or company to enter the awards contest themselves. This way you don’t need to enter the person or company’s information in order to help get them into the contest!

New Website
Our new website design makes it easier to navigate the site. We hope you enjoy our new look!
Please feel free to offer feedback, ask questions and make suggestions.