The Sustainable Feast

At Best of Raw, we recognize the significance of the ecological impact of food not only on people’s physical health but on the ecology of the entire planet.

Think about it. Chemical fertilizers pollute soil, water, air and people’s bodies. Processing foods takes electricity and other fuels, equipment, space and human resources. Packaging foods takes all of that plus planetary resources which are often filled with chemicals themselves, and leaves a stream of waste polluting our beautiful planet. Transporting food to the processing plants, to distributors and to stores and then to our homes dumps a huge amount of fossil fuels into the air, not to mention all the ecological disasters that occur procuring that fuel. And in addition, the desire to consume animals is ruining thousands of acres of pristine jungle where some of the world’s most potent plant medicines are growing; causing all kinds of pollution, not to mention the extreme cruelty offered these innocent creatures at the hands of human consumers.

As we learn to return to nature by eating more raw, organic plant foods in their natural state, our bodies will certainly begin to be healed, gain energy and this energy will add to our mental and emotional clarity as well. In addition, we significantly lessen the ecological impact of 7 or 8 billion people consuming foods on the planet. Food production is probably the single biggest industry on the planet ~ if we really think about it.

In light of these facts and in support of planetary awakening and ecological healing, Best of Raw presents The Sustainable Feast Chef Showcases at Festivals and events around the country. We also have a book series of The Sustainable Feast recipe books available at our store. In addition, our founder Laura Fox gives talks on the Sustainable Feast. To book Laura, schedule a Chef Showcase at your event or find out more about this important initiative, please contact us.